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KISSING THE FINGERS –Mawdoo (fabricated) Hadeeth

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The following statement was made recently: As for the action of kissing the thumbs and rubbing the eyes hadeeth tells us that Sayyidina Abu Bakr and the Sahâbah had this practice and we do this also. We are told in hadeeth that whoever does this will have safety from the hellfire. Who told you these things were not allowed in Islam?


The hadeeth being referred to is reported in ‘Musnad al-Firdaws’ of ad-Daylamee, may Allaah have mercy upon him.

Upon seeing this action of Abu Bakr the Prophet is supposed to have remarked,

“whosoever does what my beloved friend has done then my intercession will be permissible for him” However this hadeeth is not Authentic.


Al-Haafidh as-Sakhaawee (Rahimahullah) said in his ‘Maqaasid al-Hasanah’ [pg. 450 no.1021], “It is not Authentic.” He then proceeds to mention various narrations from various personalities and then concludes, “And there is nothing Authentic from this going back to the Prophet .”

“Amongst these narrations he mentions is one from Khidr that whosoever does this then he will never go blind or be afflicted with eye infection.


As-Sakhaawee states that it is munqati` and that its isnaad contains unknown narrators. Al-Ijluni also mentions these two hadeeth in his ‘Kashf al-Khafaa’ [2/206no. 2296] and he quotes the words of as-Sakhaawee in full.


Mullaa Alee al-Qaaree refers to these two hadeeth in his ‘Mawdoo`aatal-Kubraa’ [no. 435] and again endorses the above words of as-Sakhaawee. He also states that “If it is Authentic from Abu Bakr   then it is sufficient to act by it…” however the Authenticity of a report to Abu Bakr   needs to be proven”


Similarly ibn Taahir in his ‘Tadhkirah’ stated that it is not Authentic as mentioned by ash-Shawkaanee in his ‘Ahaadeeth al-Mawdoo`ah’.

Also Al-Albaanee in his ‘Da`eefah’ [no. 73] states that the hadeeth is not Authentic. And Allaah Knows best


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