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And we are all that is left behind…


Oh Companions of the truth!
In your hands was Islam and you did not fail us
Your chests in the place of the chest of the Messenger took the blows
Never did you flinch


Oh Companions of the sincere!

Yours was the destiny of the world and you held it high

Warriors by day, unpretentious by night

Strength of many men you possessed

Never did you flinch when it came to spilling the blood of the enemy.

Trained warriors who knew nothing but the saddle of a horse and a sword in your hand.

You stood ready to fight your brothers, fathers and tribes for the sake of Allah but you were also the most gentle with children.

Your wounds will testify for you

The land will testify for you

History testifies for you

We search in hope for your like

You speak we listen

Your deeds unmatchable

Your wisdom over our heads

Your footprints have left their mark

We stand now where you stood in Badr and Uhud

To us they are but landmarks but to you they were a defining moment

Great monuments built.

Even they crumble but your names live forever

Which Caeser is remembered over you oh Abu Bakr?

Who is called wise next to you oh Ibn Abbas?

Which Spartan can look you in the eye oh Khalid?

Who cared like you cared oh Khadijah?

Kings could not bring you down as you stood proud with the truth

But tell you to Fear your Lord and you would cry rivers.

Nations were swept aside by your tidelwaves

The world could only watch

Some out of awe, some out of fear

But none could deny the miracle

Your feet upon this earth

But your eyes fixed upon Paradise

Your craft was worship

Your profit was Allah’s Pleasure

Many wish they were you

Many wish for that what they could not do

The truth dearer to you then kinship

Your hearts matched your actions

There was no injustice to others nor yourselves

Deeds so many

Sins so few

But yet you feared the Fire

You were the Ummah, each one a nation

You cherished each verse like it was a new born child

In your hands it was safe

Forever Mujahids

Forever scholars

Forever humble

Forever young

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