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The greatest sacrifice is the silent one
It shows in your nature without you to know


If you call for the people to witness
Then prepare for your evil to be exposed


Through charity the fire is extinguished
Through secrecy you gain sincerity


Man may not know your name
But the Angels will praise it
Deeds only realised when you’re gone
And then they raise their hands for you



Question the excess that you hoard and then think
Think about Companions who cried over a bowl and spoon
Believing that to be extravagance



A good deed and then you forget
Waiting to greet you on the day you need it the most



It can come as a mountain of mercy
Or a snake to crush you tight
A relief or a burden
The choice is with you



Like a boomerang your wealth will return to you
So what is it that you fear?



Your wife weighed down with gold
Your clothes worth more then I earn
Your children’s toys reach the ceiling
And yet the Ummah has to share just one of your pounds



Jannah is not bought with coffee money
Your hands were not just made for taking



Let it run from your fingers like water falling into a refreshing spring for the people.
Far better then the sewers that are our own wants and desires.
Give and do not want back
Give and do not hold back
Give and do not look back…


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