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Get Jannah or Die Trying…


And if you say we left our loved ones
We say they were fitnah for you!


And if you say we worry about them
We say you were never their provider!


And if you say the enemy is many
Then we say that this is Sunnah!


And if you say we have marched for long
We say each step is a step closer to Allah!


And if you say what if I lose a limb
We say show it with pride for you lost it for your Akhira!



And if you say we haven’t eaten
We say remember your Prophet who tied stones to his blessed stomach!


And if you say we are someone special for our loved ones
We say a day will come when they will not visit your grave and they will remember you not!


And if you say we are someone great
We say from the sky you are nothing but a mere speck!


And if you say we cannot forget women
We say the Hoor will make you forget even your name!


And if you say we have much to do with our lives
We say Jannah waits for no man and Hellfire is for those who fall short!


Oh Slaves of The Mighty!

The trees, the wind and the stones make Zikr
The Angels stand in rows ready to descend
Your Lords Word is true
So will you not fight?



Oh Slaves of The Majestic!

You speak of love? You speak of sacrifice?
Words are cheap but actions are recorded in the scrolls



Oh Slaves of The Sustainer!

Uhud was the day of Talha
Make today yours!



Oh Slaves of The Eternal!

Know that the best of creation desired to stand where you stand today
Know that he wished to die and come back to fight this fight



Oh Slaves of The All-knowing!

Warriors came before you
No woman did they love more then they loved this call
No child dearer to them then answering this call



Oh Slaves of The Reckoner!

Today we are nobodies
Tomorrow we will be martyrs



Oh Slaves of The One!

Purchase a land so beautiful that the eye has yet to see and the mind cannot comprehend the beauties
Buy this for your beloved



Tonight my brothers we sleep were our enemy stands

Or we sleep in the heavens above!!

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