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Sometimes we just feel like crying


Because nothing is going our way


We can’t wake up without feeling down


We don’t know what to do and we’ve got no idea what to say.


We force ourselves to open our eyes and wipe away the tears


Unable to find something worth living for, overcome by our innermost fears


We think we aren’t good enough to deserve love or friends or life


Behind on our work, fighting with family or arguing with husband or wife


The time drags on and we’ve just spent it in waste


Drowning our sorrows in food and leaving loved ones behind in our haste


We pretend to ourselves that we’re busy and we’ve got urgent things to complete


When in fact we’re just rushing towards death, falling down in despair and defeat.


We fall behind on our worship, that’s if we even remember to pray


Hating the fact that we’re so weak, but not knowing any other way


We used to read Quran but now we just lose ourselves in despair


It’s all become too much to bear and feeling that there’s no one left there to care.


Still we try so hard to drag ourselves out of this state


Knowing that all we need to do is ask but fearing we’ve left it too late


How can we go back to being who we used to be?


Trapped so long in this darkness so long it’s become our only reality?


We think each day that we’ll change tomorrow


Just needing a few more moments to get over this time of sorrow


But as always tomorrow comes and goes and we’re just getting worse each time


Regret burning in our heart but unable to force our limbs to comply.


And the only way we’ll drag ourselves out of the mess we’re buried in so far


Is to force ourselves to change right now and forget that tomorrow even exists


For by then it could be too late, bringing death or sickness or insanity


Realising as we act that Shaytan will keep attacking until our soul at last resists.


So we must always be on guard from our enemy within


Praying to Allah to protect us from falling into sin


Begging to keep us strong though our faith at times is low or high


Knowing we’ll all feel stressed at some point no matter how we try to deny.


All it takes to bring you clarity is a moment of sincere duaa;


He will turn to you, if you turn to Allah…


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