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You’re nothing but Gold Purified…

You think it will never end

You think nobody will ever feel this way

The sorrow eats at you so much that hunger is a distant memory



Different reasons but the heartache is always the same

Be it love, be it loss, be it regret be it grief



The tears fall but you don’t let anyone see

The pain is real but nobody knows.

Yours was the world and now it’s gone

Yours was a destiny written in the stars but now its come crashing in.

Yours was happiness but now it’s for someone else



This story has been told a million times before

Just the characters that differ

Today you are the victim



Yours is a Lord All Knowing All Wise

Yours is a Lord who never sleeps

Yours is a Lord closer to you then yourself

Then why is it you hide yourself away?



Know that you may like a thing that is harmful to you

Know that you may dislike a thing that is better for you

You know not, but Allah He knows best



Ask the mother of Musa how it felt sailing her baby down the sea

Trust in Allah the only thing keeping her life afloat



Ask Umm Salim about the pain of death

The sweetness of patience

And the reward she obtained

What mother looks to bury her child?

But in its place she was given a prince among men

A Martyr of the highest order



Ask Umm Salamah when she asked who she could be given better then Abu Salamah what was the reply?

Better then Umar!

Better then Abu Bakr!

She lost greatest yet obtained the essence of perfection!



Ask our mother Khadijah the reward for patience

Was it anything short of a palace in Paradise?



Ask our mother Aisha who aided her from the accusing tongue and gave mention of her in the Book of Books.

Her chastity forever protected and her status cemented in our hearts.



Know that our Beloved lost his uncle

The shield of Allah’s Deen

But a woman sought him out.

Lost her father, her husband and her brother

But she did not care

‘As long as our Messenger is safe I will carry any burden’ she said

A crutch for each other they were

Need I say more?



Tell me the story of Khidr.

Tell me how a family wept for their loss not knowing the calamity that would have awaited them

Faces of relief they will wear when they find the truth.



Know that Allah He loved you from the moment you came to being

Far more then any man can love you

Far more then any man can care for you

Your Lord was there morning, noon and night

Watching over you



Heartache is a pain and forgetting is the cure

Live not a life of regret

Rather live the life worthy of a Muslim

Thank Allah for a diamond is only formed by pressing

Thank Allah for gold is only purified in heat

Thank Allah for oil is only found when digging deep.



You will never lose what is halal and pure except that it’s bettered

You will never lose that what is haram and filthy except that you know a castle can never be built on sand.

What is for you now the world’s end tomorrow will be your silver lining



Without poverty there is no zakat

Without calamities no reducing of sins

Without the downs we recognize not the ups

My promise to you is simple



You will smile again

The love will return

And Allah will always be there.


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