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The ‘like’ button on facebook.

Asalam’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatahu


I wanted everyone’s attention on this issue. My main intention to share this with you people is for the purpose of reforming ourselves. I noticed that the like button on facebook at certain times involve us towards raya kaari. Atleast this happened with me. Sometimes when people tend to like your posts or anything u post, this really encourages u. But sometimes when people dont like then this discourages you


Usually this happens that if you like someone else’s post, they in return like yours. All of this has become a strange tradition and trend.


Many of us are actually waiting when our posts will be liked. Many of us might be posting things which we dont even act upon, but just post so that they be ‘liked’. More and more people like ‘My’ post. This often leads to flooding of posts in the group. People posts sooo many things at a time just because they be ‘liked’.


I sinerely apologize if someone thinks that i am trying to attack anyone. But the truth is. This reminder is for me. And this ‘like’ trend was becoming a decider for me about what to post or what not to, which i found very strange. So there i shared with you all too.


Conclusion is:


  • 1- When people like anything you posts, they are not actually liking you. But they are liking the beautiful things you shared. They will like you when you act upon it.


  • 2- When more and more people like your posts, that certainly is a sign that more have read your post, but do not consider this as a criteria to post or not to post.


  • 3- Do not be discouraged if no one likes your posts. Your reward is with Allah, if you did this good act for His Sake.


JazakAllahu khair.


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