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When the imaam nullifies his wudoo‟. What one should do in such situation?



If the Imaam nullifies his wudoo‘ whilst he is praying, or remembers during the prayer that he did not perform ablution, then he should come out from prayer and appoint someone to finish leading the prayer, as was narrated from Umar, Ali, Alqamah and Ataa‘. If he does not appoint anyone, and the people pray individually, this is also acceptable, and this is the opinion taken by Imaam Al-Shaafii. If he brings someone forward to lead them, that is also permitted.



The evidence for this is what has been narrated regarding Umar (may Allah be
pleased with him) when he was stabbed: he took the hand of Abd al-Rahmaan bin Awf and made him step forward, and he led the prayer to completion. (Reported by al-Bukhaari, Fath, 7/60).

The reason for this deduction is that Umar did this in the presence of a number of Companions and others and no one opposed this act, so it became a consensus (ijmaa).  (Ahkaam al-Imaamah, al-Muneef, p. 234).



If the imaam remembers that he is not in a state of purity, he should indicate to the people to remain as they are and go and purify himself, then come back, say  Allaahu akbar and lead them in prayer. This is valid. The evidence for this is the report narrated by Abu Dawood from Abu Bakrah: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) started to lead the fajr prayer, then he indicated to the people that they should stay in their places. Then he came back and water was dripping from his head. (Sunan Abi Dawood, no. 233; Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawood, 1/45).


Abu Dawood included a chapter entitled Fi‘l-Junub yusalli bi‘l-qawmi wa huwa naasin (One who inadvertently leads the people in prayer when in a state of janaabah)).



Commenting on this hadeeth, Imaam Al-Khattaabi said:  In this hadeeth there is evidence that if one is leading the people in prayer while in a state of janaabah and the people do not know of it, then their prayer is unaffected and there is no need for them to repeat it. But the Imaam has to repeat his prayer.

(Sunan Abi Dawood wa ma‘ahu Ma‘aalim al-Sunan by al-Khattaabi, edited by al-Da‘aas, 1/159.)



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