Abortion not a personal choice but a heinous crime



I heard the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) as saying:

Do not kill your children secretly, for the milk, with which a child is suckled while his mother is pregnant, overtakes the horseman and throws him from his horse.

Abu Dawood 3872, Narrated Asma’, daughter of Yazid ibn as-Sakan



Western civilization has conceded that the women has a right to do with her body as she pleases. Consequently, if she becomes pregnant, she can abort the fetus even if her husband or boyfriend objects. The consequence is that over 1,300,000* babies are aborted each year in the United States alone.



  • The Islamic point of view is that the developing child is a distinct and different entity from the Mother. Scientifically speaking, even her blood does not mixes with that of the child. Food is passed across the membranes. She is merely a receptacle of Life. The taking of Life is forbidden unless for a Just cause. Even hunting for sport is forbidden in Islam.


  • Although the fetus is considered Human after the beginning of the fifth month when the Angel blows in the Spirit, abortion prior to the 5th month is still taking a life without a Just cause. If the pregnancy threatens the life of the Mother, the fetus may be aborted. Some scholars also hold that in case of Rape where the delivery of child will threaten the mental status of the women, abortion at this stage is also permitted.


  • After the 5th month, abortion becomes murder. A crime punishable by Death in Islamic law. The west stresses “Human rights” as an International principle. However, it ignores the Right to life of the Tens of Millions of human fetuses aborted annually. Human Rights in Islam begins from conception.


  • Abortion means “expulsion of a human fetus before it has reached proper gestation needed for survival.” An abortion can occur on its own, and this is known as a miscarriage. An abortion that is deliberate or due to harm inflicted on the woman’s womb, is prohibited in Islam.



  • An unborn fetus is as valuable as a child. Proof is in the fact that blood money is to be paid in the event of the death of either.

    Hadith – Abu Dawood 4555, Narrated Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a.

    Ibn Abbas said: Umar asked about the decision of the Prophet (peace be upon him) about that (i.e. abortion) Haml ibn Malik ibn an-Nabighah got up and said: I was between two women. One of them struck another with a rolling-pin killing both her and what was in her womb. So the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) gave judgment that the blood-wit for the unborn child should be a male or a female slave of the best quality and that she should be killed.




* According to 1997 figure of AGI (Allen Guttmacher institute).


Adapted from book:Contemporary Issues

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