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“Verily, Allah has angels who tremble out of fear of Him.”

Allah has said describing them,

They fear Allah from above them and they do what they are commanded.

[Quran an-Nahl 16:50]

And we have narrated from the Prophet that he said,


“Verily, Allah has angels who tremble out of fear of Him.”

[al-Bayhaqi in al-Shu’ab #914, al-Khateeb in Taareekh Baghdad 12/307]


And it has reached us that from the carriers of the Throne are [angels] whose tears flow like rivers, so if [one] raises his head he says, “Glory be to You, You are not feared as You deserve to be feared.” Allah will say, “But those who swear oaths by My Name are liars [and] do not know this.”

And from Jaabir, “Rasul Allah said,


‘When it was the night of my ascension, I saw Jibreel like a worn-out rag from the fear of Allah.'”


[Ahmad in al-Musnad 4/25-26]


And it has reached us that Jibreel came to the Prophet and was crying. So the Prophet asked him, ‘What makes you cry?’ He said, “My eyes have not been dry since Allah created Jahannam, out of fear that I would disobey Him and He would throw me in it.”

[al-Bayhaqi in al-Shu’ab #915]


And from Yazeed al-Ruqaashi, “Allah has angels around the Throne, their eyes cry [tears] like rivers until the Day of Resurrection. They sway as though the wind was shaking them, out of their fear of Allah ta’aala. So Allah, Mighty and Exalted, will say to them, ‘O My angels, what has frightened you when you are with Me?’ They will say, ‘O Lord, if the people of the earth knew of your Honor and Glory the way we know of it, they would not have [been able to] swallow food nor drink, nor would they lie down in their beds. They would go out to the deserts and bellow like the cows bellow.”

And Muhammad bin al-Munkadir said, “When the Fire was created, the hearts of the angels flew from their place, and when Adam was created, they returned.”And it has been narrated that when Iblees’ affair came to pass, Jibreel and Mika’eel began crying. So Allah said to them, “What is this crying?” They said, “Our Lord, we are not safe from your plotting.” So Allah said to them,
“So be it [ i.e. safe].”


[The following are from Ibn Qudaamah’s mukhtasar minhajul qaasideen, pages 319-323]

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