Hiding deeds


Al-Hasan ‘al-Basrî said, speaking about the striving of the Salaf in hiding their deeds,

“A man would have gathered the Qur’ân (i.e. memorised it) whilst his neighbour would be unaware. Another man would have learnt a lot of Fiqh whilst the people would be unaware. A man would be praying lengthy prayer in his house, whilst he has guests, and they would not even realise. Indeed, I came across a people, there was not a single deed on the face of this earth which could be done in secret, that they ever done it in public!”
These Muslims would strive to supplicate to Allâh, and nothing could be heard from them except a low whisper between them and their Lord. That is because Allâh says,

“Call upon your Lord in humility and privately; indeed, He does not like
transgressors.” [Qur’ân – al-A`râf (7):55.]

Refer to az-Zuhd by Ibn ‘l-Mubârak (35-36).



Abû ‘al-`Âliyah said,

“I learned writing and the Qur’ân without my family noticing, and not a drop of ink was ever seen on my garment.”

Siyâr ‘l-A`lâm an-Nubalâ’ (6/17).



Dâwûd bin Abû Hind fasted 40 years whilst his family was unaware. He would take his lunch with him and give it away in charity, and would then return home for dinner and break his fast with them.

Hilyat ‘al-Awliyâ’ (3/94).



`Alî bin al-Bakkâr al-Basrî said,

“That I meet the Shaytân is more beloved to me than meeting so-and-so; I fear that I may do something for him (i.e. to impress him etc), and fall in the Sight of Allâh.”

Hilyat ‘al-Awliyâ’ (8/270).


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