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The Phenomenon of Common People and Junior Students of Knowledge Issuing ‘Bayāns’ by Shaykh Ibrāheem bin ’Āmir ar-Ruhaylī


Shaykh Ibrāheem bin ’Āmir ar-Ruhaylī (hafidhahullāh) stated in his book an-Naseehah:

ومن الأخطاء الشائعة عندما يصدر رد من عالم على مخالف، أو فتوى بالتحذير من
خطأ، مطالبة كثير من الطلبة المنتسبين للسنة العلماء وطلبة العلم بيان موقفهم من ذلك الرد
أو تلك الفتوى، بل وصل الأمر إلى أن يطالب من طلبة العلم الصغار، بل العوام تحديد
موقفهم من الراد والمردود عليه، ثم يعقدون على ضوء ذلك الولاء والبراء ويتهاجر الناس
بسبب ذلك، حتى لربما هجر بعض الطلبة بعض شيوخهم الذين استفادوا منهم العلم
والعقيدة الصحيحة سنين طويلة بسبب ذلك، ولربما عمت الفتنة البيوت فتجد الأخ يهجر
أخاه والابن يجفو والديه، ولربما طلقت الزوجة وفرق الأطفال بسبب ذلك.


“From the widespread mistakes is that when a scholar’s refutation of an opposer is issued, or a fatwa warning against an error, is to require many students who ascribe themselves to the Sunnah, the ’Ulama and the Students of Knowledge, to “clarify their position” towards that refutation or that fatwa.


The matter has even reached the extent that certain junior students of knowledge, rather, common people, are required to make their stance clear on the refuter and on the one being refuted.

Furthermore, they base their loyalty and disavowal on that issue, and abandon people due to it. It may even reach the extent that due to this some students abandon some of their Shaykhs with whom they have benefitted in terms of knowledge and creed for many years.


This fitnah can even possibly reach the home, such that you will find someone abandoning his brother, or father, or perhaps even divorce his wife, and separate between the children due to such reasons.”


[From page 14 of the version of the book which is available for download here:
Translated by ’Amr bin Jalal Abualrub and ’AbdulHaq ibn Kofi ibn Kwesi al-Ashanti]


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