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From the chapter on ‘Death’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen


It was said:

“Death is like a thorny plant entered into the throat of the Son of Adam – each thorn pulling with it one of his veins – which is then pulled out suddenly by a man of great strength, cutting up what it cuts up, and sparing what it spares.”


It was also said:

“There are four things that none know the value of except for four types of people:

nobody knows the value of the youth except the elderly,


nobody knows the value of relief except those who are being tried,


nobody knows the value of health except the sick,


and nobody knows the value of life except the dead.”



A man would say to his son: “I am amazed at the one upon whom death descends while he has his sanity and his tongue, yet he is still unable to  describe death.” So, when this man had death descend upon him, his son asked him why he did not describe death for him even though he had his sanity andhis tongue. The man answered:

“O son! Verily, death is greater than could be described, but I will attempt to describe it for you somewhat.

By Allah, it is as if I have a mountain upon my shoulders,


and it is as if my soul is being extracted from the tip of a needle, 


and it is as if I have a thorny plant in my throat,


and it is as if the heavens have smashed into the earth and I am in between them”.



It was reportedly said to ‘Isa the son of Maryam, by some of the disbelievers of his time: “Verily, you bring the dead back to life, but you only do so to those living in our times. How do we know that these people really died in the first place? Revive for us someone who has died in the past.” So, ‘Isa said to them: “Choose whomever you wish.” So, they said: “Revive for us  Sam the son of Nuh.” So,’Isa went to his grave, prayed two rak’ahs, made supplication to Allah, and then Allah brought Sam the son of Nuh back to life. The people noticed that Sam’s hair and beard were white, and asked himhow long he had been dead. He replied:

“I have been dead for four thousand years, and I am still suffering from the stupors of death.”



Know that you were created to die, and there is no way around this, as Allah says: {“…you will die and they will die…”} [az-Zumar; 30],


and He says: {“Say: running away will not save you if you attempt to escape from death or killing.”} [al-Ahzab; 16]


[From: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen, pg-02]


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