I hate to be imitated in the disobedience of Allah!


Ibn Al-Mubarak (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said:

An oppressive [ruler] from among Banu Israel used to kill people for not eating the meat of swine. He remained upon this, until he got hold of a worshipper from among the people of piety from Banu Israel.


The people were greatly stressed by that.


The police commissioner told [that worshipper]: I shall slaughter for you a lamb, so that if that transgressor orders you to eat it, then eat [and do not worry].


When he was later ordered to eat, he refused, so the oppressor [ruler] said: Take him from here and cut his neck.


The police commissioner said to him: What prevented you from eating a roasted lamb?


So he answered: I am a man who is looked up to, and I hate to be imitated in  the disobedience of Allah!

Then he was killed.


[1] Al-Bassaer wa Al-Zakhaaer p. 114


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