Having a Group of women for Ruqyas



Is a man Raqi allowed to perform an Ruqya unto a group of women in one place, where their Mahrams (relatives forbidden in marriage) are available in case their own women go epileptic or faint?



It is not forbidden for a man Raqi to perform a group Ruqya for an assembly of women. It is the presence of a man and a non-Mahram woman on their own that is forbidden. Accoding to the hadith, ―If a man and a woman (who are not Mahrams) get together on their own, Satan comes in.[ 1] for such a task, the Raqi must be a trustworthy person of religious commitment, faith and righteousness.


He has to limit his Ruqya to recitation and prayers behind a screen, and he must not directly touch the woman‘s body. It is recommended that the patients‘ Mahrams be present in case help is needed. [2]




[1] Sunan Al-Tirmidhi, Kitab Al-Fitan (Book of Temptations) Hadith No. 2165.

[2] A Fatawa by Al-Jibreen, signed by him.


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