Inquiring if One’s Daughter-in-Law Is a Foe


A patient consults a person about his illness. The person tells him that he is under the effect of magic. The patient asks him to remove the magic. The person pours lead on the patient‘s head in a container of water and tells him the name of the person who bewitched him. that someone has bewitched him. Is a Muslim allowed to do that?

Is it allowed for a mother to inquire about who her future daughter-in-law will be, or to inquire if her present daughter-in- law loves or hates her in-laws?



On the one hand, a Muslim is allowed to seek treatment with medical practitioners and specialists; they diagnose his illness and prescribe suitable medications in accordance with the rules of medicine. This is part of taking the measures usually required in typical cases, for Allah has created cures for all diseases. Some people can discover those cures, whereas others cannot. However, prescribed medications must not be forbidden materials.



On the other hand, Muslims must not deal with soothsayers, who claim knowledge of the unseen, from which they claim to get information about illnesses. Muslims must not believe what a soothsayer tells them, for either it is all unfounded guesswork, or he invokes the Jinn to help achieve what he wants. A soothsayer‘s work is an act of Kufr (disbelief), and to seek his help is an act of Shirk.

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم says, ―

If one visits a soothsayer and inquires about something, his prayers will not be accepted for forty days.

He also says, ―

Whoever consults a soothsayer and believes what he tells him disbelieves in what has been revealed to Muhammad.‖



A Muslim must not accept such prescriptions as pouring lead on one‘s head, etc., for they belong to witchcraft. If he accepts, he will be supporting their witchcraft and invocation of devils.



Inquiring of a soothsayer about the identity of one‘s future daughter-in-law is not allowed, neither is the inquiry whether there will be love or hatred, harmony or disharmony between the spouses and their families. Such knowledge belongs to the unseen, which is known only to Allah.

[Ifta’a Permanent Committee, Islamic Research Journal, Issue 19, p. 162-163.]

  1. January 18, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Salam, true. Only Allah knows….May ALLAH protect all of us & guide us always….We have Allah, ask Allah khair (benefits) for this dunya & hereafter…human is weak creature & slave of Allah, Allah is the Most Loving & Knowing everything….I have my personal opinion regard mother in law and daughter in law….it is not the mother or wife that not match, but the husband (son of mthr in law) that must know how to play his role….Mother in law might have dispute with daughter in law coz the son did not play his role as son whereby care n love to his mthr as same bfre he marry n surely he must know how to mingle together with mum n wife also harmonize both….A women heart easily understand the knowledge and advice through love not by force nor does by just follow husband instructions…Surely a mother that felt lonely after son marry, why? Coz he did not play his role as son by balance between both, when go out with wife…why can’t he bring his mum together, both wife & husband should concern about mother feelings….Wait….husband must also concern regard to wife mum also….Create harmonization n closer rltnshp between mother n wife through mutual understanding & be equal in term of love sharing, an advice to brthr……So who is the culprit of all misunderstand between mother in law n daughter in law?? The men (husband@son) is the real culprit…think brothers 🙂


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