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Shah Wali-Allah ad-Dihlawi on Ibn Taymiyyah [rahimahullah]


Makhdum Muhammad Mu’in Sindhi, author of Darasat al-Labib, wrote to Shah Wall Allah, seeking his opinion about some of the views of Ibn Taymiyyah.


Shah Wali Allah on Ibn Taymiyyah


Shah Wall Allah wrote in reply:


My approach about all Muslim religious thinkers is that they are ‘uduul, that is, they possess correct faith and proper conduct. This is as the Prophet has said: ‘In every age people with piety and faith will represent [interpret] the religion [a].’ They may believe in certain things on which there may not be unanimity, but if such matters of their belief are not against the clear Qur’anic injunctions, the sunnah of the Prophet and the consensus of the community {ijma’), [criticism of them is not justified].


Our assessment of Ibn Taymiyyah after full investigation is that he was a scholar of the ‘Book of God’ and had full command over its etymological and juristic implications. He remembered by heart the traditions of the Prophet and accounts of elders (salaf) and understood well their etymological and juristic purpose and meaning. He was a recognized scholar of syntax (nahw) and semantics (lughat).


He was an authority on the Hanbalite jurisprudence and its principles and branches. He excelled in intelligence and brilliance. He argued in defence of ahl al-Sunnah with great eloquence and force.


No innovation or irreligious act is reported about him. Only certain matters on which he was harassed by his contemporaries have been reported to us. But there is not a single matter on which he is without his defence based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah.


So it is difficult to find a man in the whole world who possesses the qualities of Ibn Taymiyyah. No one can come anywhere near him in the force of his speech and writing. People who harassed him [and got him thrown in prison] did not possess even one-tenth of his scholarly excellence … In this matter the differences of the ‘ulama’ resemble the differences of the Companions of the Prophet and it is necessary to abstain from making any comments on such matters.’


[Maktubat-i Shah Wali Allah (Ahmadi Press, Delhi), 26-9]


[a] I was unable to find the saying attributed to Prophet Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam. If anyone finds of similar sort, please do message me at: tawheedmovement.com@gmail.com

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