Using the Evil Eye Ruqya for a Car



According to one story, someone cast an evil eye on another‘s car, so the car did not start. The owner asked the eye- caster to do ablution (to wash for Salat), which the latter did. The owner took the water used for ablution and put it in the car radiator, and the car started as if nothing had happened.


What is the validity of what the owner did? I am aware of having this done only in the case of evil eyes cast on humans.






What the owner did is valid; as the evil eye can be cast on animals, so can it be cast on factories, houses, trees, artifacts, cars, wild animals, etc.


In such cases treatment is conducted as follows: the eye- caster is to do ablution or wash all his body or a part of it; this water, used in ablution or washing, is to be poured onto the cast receiver, animate or inanimate. In the case of the car, putting the ablution or wash-water in the radiator is beneficial by Allah‘s permission.


It is a type of treatment similar to wound treatment. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم says, ―

If you are requested to wash (for evil eye treatment purposes), do wash.

[Sahih Muslim, Kitab Assalam (Book of Peace), Hadith No. 2188]


In this regard a lot of well-known stories and incidents have been documented.


A Fatwa by Al-Jibreen, Signed by him.

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