How Witchcraft and Evil Eyes Work?


What causes one to be under the influence of witchcraft, evil eyes or Jinn possession?



One must be fully aware that witchcraft is forbidden and is an act of Kufr (denial of Allah); the sorcerer employs devils, and appeals to the Jinn for support in implementing harmful tasks. For instance, when the sorcerer wants to harm a man or woman, he invites his devils, who obey him, and he slaughters (animals) as a sacrifice to them or serves them one way or the other. He, then, asks them to possess whomever he wants to harm, and the possession takes place, but by the permission of Allah.

Treatment of witchcraft effects is by seeking protection in Allah‘s remembrance, worship and obedience on the one hand, and in shunning sins and bad company on the other. One should also read the Qur‘an as much as possible, ponder on the meanings of its Ayahs and regularly say the daily and nightly prayers. In response to all these good deeds, Allah will protect one from the influence of possession and magic.


As far as the evil eye is concerned, there are those who are jealous and envious of others. On seeing a pleasing thing, they direct their hearts towards it trying to speak so sharply that their eyesight produces some kind of poisonous emissions which affect the cast- receiver, but by Allah‘s permission.


Treatment of evil eye effects lies in avoiding the company of people known for being envious; one should not wear his best dress in their presence. The eye-casters themselves should be advised to refrain from harming others and should be asked to pray for blessings for fellow Muslims and to always say such things as /maa shaa-allaah!/ (How admirable what Allah has willed!) and /laa hawla wa-laa quwwata illaa bil-laahl (There is no might or power, except with Allah.)


[A Fatwa by Al-Jibreen, Signed by him]

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