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Is lust a choice or something embedded in one’s natural disposition?


Many times, we hear from those who complain of the sickness of lust, saying that they cannot abandon their lovers, and that dying is less severe than leaving them. So, the question comes to mind: is lust a choice one makes, or is it a natural disposition one cannot avoid?

Throughout history, those who lust after others try to give themselves excuses by saying that lust is naturally embedded in themselves, and that there is no way around it. They also said that lust is Allaah’s predestination and pre-decree, and that it is in Allaah’s Hand, not in that of the creation.


Lust: an Islamic perspective

The truth, however, is what Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allaah have mercy on him, and other scholars said which is that:

the beginnings of lust and its causes arise because of one’s willingness, and are subject to being accounted for and being a burden. They also said that the person who is consumed by lust, willingly indulges in lust by looking, thinking, and meeting with the person he lusts after.


Therefore, since the causes of lust occur because of the one who lusts, then he is the one responsible for the entire process.

This is similar to intoxication by drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol is one’s own decision, however, its consequences, such as the loss of one’s intellect, is the natural result. However, since the effects of intoxication occur due to one’s one free willed choice, they are not excused.

Similarly, since continually looking at and thinking about the someone, becoming attached to them and lusting after them are all free-willed choices, then the person doing so is blamed for their lust.


[Lust- page-9, 10, Shaikh Salih al-Munajjid]

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