Do Souls Die?


Ibn Taymiyyah [rahimahullah] said:

“Souls are no doubt created, but they do not cease to exist. Their death occurs when they are separated from the body, and at the second Trumpet-blast the souls will return to the bodies. “

[Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 4/279]


The commentator on at-Tahaawiyyah also discussed this matter, and said:

“The people differed as to whether the soul dies or not.

One group said, it dies because it is a nafs, and every nafs will taste death … If the angels will die, then it is more appropriate that the human soul will die too.


Others said that the souls will not die, because they were created to abide forever; what dies is the body. They said, this is proven by the ahaadeeth which indicate that the souls will be blessed or tormented after they depart (from the bodies), until Allah returns them to their bodies.


The correct view is to say that the death of the nafs is when it is separated from its body and departs from it. If this is what is meant by its death, then it will taste death. But if it is meant that it will cease to exist altogether, then it does not die in this sense, rather it will abide after it has been created, either in bliss or in torment. .. Allah tells us that the people of Paradise

“will never taste death therein except the first death of this world” [Qur’an 44: 56]

and that is the death which means the separation of the soul from the body.”

[Sharh at-Tahaawiyyah, p. 446]

[The minor resurrection, page-134]

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