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How Witchcraft and Evil Eyes Work?

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What causes one to be under the influence of witchcraft, evil eyes or Jinn possession?



One must be fully aware that witchcraft is forbidden and is an act of Kufr (denial of Allah); the sorcerer employs devils, and appeals to the Jinn for support in implementing harmful tasks. For instance, when the sorcerer wants to harm a man or woman, he invites his devils, who obey him, and he slaughters (animals) as a sacrifice to them or serves them one way or the other. He, then, asks them to possess whomever he wants to harm, and the possession takes place, but by the permission of Allah.

Treatment of witchcraft effects is by seeking protection in Allah‘s remembrance, worship and obedience on the one hand, and in shunning sins and bad company on the other. One should also read the Qur‘an as much as possible, ponder on the meanings of its Ayahs and regularly say the daily and nightly prayers. In response to all these good deeds, Allah will protect one from the influence of possession and magic.


As far as the evil eye is concerned, there are those who are jealous and envious of others. On seeing a pleasing thing, they direct their hearts towards it trying to speak so sharply that their eyesight produces some kind of poisonous emissions which affect the cast- receiver, but by Allah‘s permission.


Treatment of evil eye effects lies in avoiding the company of people known for being envious; one should not wear his best dress in their presence. The eye-casters themselves should be advised to refrain from harming others and should be asked to pray for blessings for fellow Muslims and to always say such things as /maa shaa-allaah!/ (How admirable what Allah has willed!) and /laa hawla wa-laa quwwata illaa bil-laahl (There is no might or power, except with Allah.)


[A Fatwa by Al-Jibreen, Signed by him]


Using the Evil Eye Ruqya for a Car

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According to one story, someone cast an evil eye on another‘s car, so the car did not start. The owner asked the eye- caster to do ablution (to wash for Salat), which the latter did. The owner took the water used for ablution and put it in the car radiator, and the car started as if nothing had happened.


What is the validity of what the owner did? I am aware of having this done only in the case of evil eyes cast on humans.






What the owner did is valid; as the evil eye can be cast on animals, so can it be cast on factories, houses, trees, artifacts, cars, wild animals, etc.


In such cases treatment is conducted as follows: the eye- caster is to do ablution or wash all his body or a part of it; this water, used in ablution or washing, is to be poured onto the cast receiver, animate or inanimate. In the case of the car, putting the ablution or wash-water in the radiator is beneficial by Allah‘s permission.


It is a type of treatment similar to wound treatment. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم says, ―

If you are requested to wash (for evil eye treatment purposes), do wash.

[Sahih Muslim, Kitab Assalam (Book of Peace), Hadith No. 2188]


In this regard a lot of well-known stories and incidents have been documented.


A Fatwa by Al-Jibreen, Signed by him.

Eating food prepared for a Christian festival

December 22, 2013 Leave a comment

What is the ruling on eating food prepared for a Christian festival? What is the ruling on accepting their invitation to their celebrations of the birth of the Messiah (peace be upon him) [i.e., Christmas celebrations]?


Praise be to Allaah.

It is not permissible to celebrate innovated festivals such as the Christmas of the Christians, or Nowrooz (Persian New Year) or Mahrajaan (Persian festival), or festivals that have been innovated by Muslims such as the Prophet’s birthday in Rabee’ al-Awwal or the Israa’ in Rajab and so on.

It is not permissible to eat from that food which the Christians or Mushrikeen prepare on the occasion of their festivals.

It is also not permissible to accept their invitations to join them in their celebrations of those festivals, because this encourages them and is tantamount to approving of their bid’ah, which gives the wrong idea to ignorant people and makes them think that there is nothing wrong with that. And Allah knows best.

From Al-Lu’lu’ al-Makeen min Fataawaa Ibn Jibreen, p. 27.
Taken from Islamqa

Jinn Kidnapping Humans

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I have heard several stories about Jinn kidnapping humans. I have also read a story about a man from Al-Ansar (early Medina supporters and companions of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم ). The man was on his way to the mosque for the night prayer when he was captured by the Jinn and was absent for a number of years. Is it possible that the Jinn can kidnap humans?

Jinn Kidnapping Human


Yes, it is possible. It was well known that the Jinn killed Saad Ibn-Ubadah because he urinated in a hole they lived in.


They said, “ We have killed the chief of Al-Khazraj, Saad Ibn Ubadah; we shot him with an arrow that did not miss his heart.



Also, during the reign of Caliph Umar Ibn-Al-Khattab, a man was kidnapped by some Jinn, and remained their prisoner for four years. When he returned, he said that some Mushrik Jinn had kidnapped him and kept him a prisoner until they were invaded and defeated by Muslim Jinn, who returned him to his people. This incident is mentioned in Manar Assabeel and in other books.

Manaar al-Sabeel, 2/88. The story of the kidnapped man was reported by al-Bayhaqi (7/445-446) and its Isnaad was classed as Sahih by al-Albaani in al-Irwaa’, 6/150, no.1709

Wa-Allahu-A’lam (and the whole truth is with Allah).

A Fatawa by Al-Jibreen, signed by him

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Raqis without Religious Academic Qualifications

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A controversy has arisen regarding who is qualified to recite the Qur‘an for Ruqyas. Some argued that none but those who have Shari‘ah knowledge must be allowed to perform Ruqyas. Others argued that being able to recite the Qur‘an and having a sound faith, righteousness and piety are sufficient qualifications for Ruqya performance. Could you explain the Islamic ruling regarding this issue? May Allah reward you.



The ruling in this regard is that Ruqyas are valid if performed by those whose faith is sound, whose deeds and behaviour are good and who can recite and understand the Qur‘an well, without having to possess knowledge or practice of Shari‘ah.


This can be implied from Abu Saeed‘s story of the man who treated with Ruqya a person stung by a scorpion. AbuSaeed mentioned that the man was not known to have performed Ruqyas before.


Also, the Raqi should purify his intention, should have the interests of patients at heart and should not be concerned with making money so that treatment can be most beneficial.


A Fatawa by Al-Jibreen, signed by him

The Validity of Ruqyas During Haidh [menstruation] or Janabah

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Is it allowed to perform Ruqyas unto a female patient who is possessed or is cast by an evil eye during Haidh, or unto a male patient during Janabah?



Basically, in cases of major Hadath (unclean state), such as Janabah and Haidh, Taharah (purification of the body by washing all of it with clean water) is required for reading the Qur‘an.


As far as patients are concerned, their Tahara perfects Ruqyas. However, if a lady falls ill during Haidh and suffers as a result, she is allowed to receive a Ryqua irrespective of the source of suffering, be it possession, magic or an evil eye.

Al-Jibreen, Al-Kinz Aththmeen (The Precious Treasure), p. 195.

Having a Group of women for Ruqyas

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Is a man Raqi allowed to perform an Ruqya unto a group of women in one place, where their Mahrams (relatives forbidden in marriage) are available in case their own women go epileptic or faint?



It is not forbidden for a man Raqi to perform a group Ruqya for an assembly of women. It is the presence of a man and a non-Mahram woman on their own that is forbidden. Accoding to the hadith, ―If a man and a woman (who are not Mahrams) get together on their own, Satan comes in.[ 1] for such a task, the Raqi must be a trustworthy person of religious commitment, faith and righteousness.


He has to limit his Ruqya to recitation and prayers behind a screen, and he must not directly touch the woman‘s body. It is recommended that the patients‘ Mahrams be present in case help is needed. [2]




[1] Sunan Al-Tirmidhi, Kitab Al-Fitan (Book of Temptations) Hadith No. 2165.

[2] A Fatawa by Al-Jibreen, signed by him.


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