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Advice to the Students of Knowledge by Shaykh Salih bin Sa’d as-Suhaymi

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May Allah show good to you, what is your advice about is widespread regarding the ikhtilaf among some of the students of knowledge wherein some make tabdi ’ of others for even the slightest doubt which may arise from another?



Answer from Shaykh Salih as-Suhaymi :

I brought attention to this in the advice which I gave (2)   and I said that it is upon the students of knowledge to fear Allah, ’Azza wa Jall, and that he should not be hasty in making tabdi ’, tafseeq or bringing down his brothers, and  that he should preserve his tongue. He should refer matters back to the senior scholars (al-’Ulama al-Kibar) as they are the ones who assess these matters.

As for what exists in some countries which do not have ’Ulama then you find them making tabdi ’ of each other while they are all small students of knowledge, and they  may not even be students of knowledge! They boycott and dispute with each other over the most insignificant of reasons without referring back to the firmly grounded ’Ulama. They may even make rulings on others or on some people or they may even make rulings on some senior students of knowledge by accusing them of irja ’ or by making tabdi ’ or tafseeq of them and the likes. I remind those people that they are upon danger and they will be called to account for all which emanates from their tongues, yes.



(1) It can be heard here:

(2)   Translator’s note: see the end of the lecture here, as the question is right at the very end of the beneficial lecture after an hour and eleven minutes, the lecture was given during this Summer’s annual 10th Imam Darul- Hijrah  Dawrah            at                   Masjid          Qiblatayn            in                     Madeenah                 1431       AH       (July       2010        CE)   (The link is not working at present due to some technical problem).



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