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From the chapter on ‘Hoping for Allah’s Mercy’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen

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It was said:

“When the following verse was revealed: {“...My Mercy embraces all things…”} [al-A’raf; 156],

Satan – may Allah curse him – became hopeful and said: “I am a thing of those things, so I will have a portion of Allah’s Mercy!”

And the Jews and Christians became hopeful and said: “We area thing of those things, so we will have a portion of it.”

So, when the saying of Allah {“…I shall reserve it for those who are pious, give charity, and believe in Our signs…”} was revealed, then Satan lost hope of receiving any of His Mercy.

But, the Jews and Christians said: “We are pious, we give charity, and we believe in the signs of our Lord, so we are still eligible for Allah’s Mercy!”

Then, the saying of Allah {“Those who follow the unlettered Prophet and Messenger…”} [al-A’raf; 157] was revealed – meaning, those who believe in Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So, the Jews and Christians then lost all hope, and the Mercy remained exclusively for the believers.”


It was said:

“O Lord! You have given us one mercy, and have honored us with it, and it is Islam.So, if you give us one hundred portions of Your Mercy, then how can we not be hopeful for Your forgiveness?”


It was said:

“As long as the person is in good health, then fear of Allah is preferred. Once he becomes sick and is unable to perform many more good deeds, then hope in His Mercy is preferred.”


It was said:

“O Lord! You have Created Paradise and made it a meeting place for your allies, and the disbelievers have lost all hope of entering it, and the Angels were created without being in need of it,and You are also not in need of it. So, if you will not give me Paradise, then who will You give it to?”


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From the chapter on ‘Paradise and Its People’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen

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It was said:

“Verily, in Paradise there is a huri named Lu’bah. If she were to spit into the ocean, it would purify all of its water. On her chest, there is written: ‘Whoever desires to have someone like me, then let him busy himself with obeying my Lord.'”


It was said:

“The ground in Paradise is made of silver, its dust is made of musk, the trunks of its made of gold and silver, the branches of its trees are made of pearls and gems, with its leaves and fruits growing out from them. So, whoever eats standing will not be harmed, whoever eats sitting will not be harmed, and whoever eats laying down will not be harmed, as Allah says: {“...and the bunches of fruit thereof will hang low within their reach.”} [al-Insan; 14]

That is, these fruits will be within their reach whether they are standing, sitting, or laying down.”


It was said:

“By the One who revealed the Book upon Muhammad (peace be upon him), the people of Paradise will increase in beauty and goodness everyday, just as they used to increase in old age and weakness in the world everyday.”


It was said:

“In Paradise, if anyone desires the meat of a bird, he simply calls out for one and it comes down and lands on its side. He eats smoked meat from one side of it and roasted meat from the other,then it comes back to life again and flies away.”


It was narrated from one of those who would abstain from the worldly pleasures that he would eat herbs and salt without any bread, so it was said to him: “You limit yourself to this?!” The man replied:

“Yes, because I live my life for Paradise, and you live your life for the bathroom (meaning, you eat the best of foods and end up in the bathroom, while I eat simple foods in order to sustain my ability to worship, hoping to end up in Paradise).”


It was narrated that a man desired to enter the bathroom, so his companion prevented him from doing so and said to him: “You cannot enter without paying a fee.” So, the man cried out and said:

O Allah! He has prevented me from entering the abode of the devils without a price, so how can I expect to enter the abode of the prophets and the truthful without a price?”


It was said:

“If Paradise could not be attained by anyone except if they abandoned all that they loved from this worldly life, then this would be nothing in comparison to Paradise.

If one could not be saved from Hell except by experiencing every hardship possible, then this would be nothing in comparison to Hell.

So, how is it when you can enter Paradise by abandoning one fraction of athousand of the things you like, and you can be saved from Hell by experiencin one fraction of athousand of hardship?”


It was narrated:

Verily, a woman of this world – if she makes it to Paradise – will be more virtuous and preferred over the Hur al-‘Ayn because of her actions in this world.”


[Dreadful] From the chapter on ‘The Fire and Its People’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen

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There was a man whose tears would not stop rolling from his eyes. He would keep weeping until he was finally asked why he was in this state, so he answered:

“If Allah – the Exalted – had promised me that if I commit a sin, he would imprison me in a bathroom forever, then it would be appropriate for me to never stop crying. So, how should it be considering that He has promised that He would imprison me in a fire that has been burning for over three thousand years?


It was said:

“Verily, Hell has a pathway filled with snakes that are as thick as the trunks of trees and scorpions that are like blackened beasts.

The peope of Hell will escape from the Fire to these snakes, so these snakes will grab them by their lips and peel away everything from their hair to their fingernails, and nothing can save them from this except to jump back into the Fire.”


It was said:

“Verily, the people of Hell will call out to one of the angels guarding it, and he will not answer them for forty years. Then, he will say to them: {“Verily, you shall abide forever.”} [az-Zukhruf; 77]


Then, they will call upon their Lord: {“Our Lord! Take us out of it (Hell), and if  we were to return, then we would indeed be wrong-doers!”} [al-Mu’minun; 107], and the amount of time that He will wait without answering them will be equal to twice the amount of time that the World existed. Then, He will say to them: {“Remain in it forever, and do not speak to Me.”} [al-Mu’minun;108]


By Allah, after this, the people will not speak a single word, and there will not be except the inhalation and exhalation of the Hell-Fire, and their voices will be like those of screaming donkeys in between the inhalations and exhalations of the Fire.”


The narrator of this athar (who was one of the Tabi’in) commented by saying: “O people! Do you have the capacity to withstand this? Are you patient enough to withstand this? O people! Obedience to Allah is easier upon you than this, soobey Him!”



It was narrated:

“Verily, the people of the Fire will be tortured for one thousand years, then they will say: “During our lives, if we were patient, we were eventually given a way out of our troubles.” So,they will be patient for one thousand more years without their punishment being lightened for them. Then, they will say: {“It does not matter whether we rage or patiently endure; we have no place of refuge.”} [Ibrahim; 21]


Then, they will call upon Allah – the Exalted – for one thousand years to send some rain upon them out of their extreme thirst and intense torture so that they would be relieved of the intense temperatures and extreme thirst. So, after they supplicate for one thousand years, Allah -the Exalted – will say to Jibril: “What do they ask for?” Jibril will answer: “O Lord, You are more Knowing of them. They ask for rain.” So, red clouds will appear above them, and they will think that rain will pour from these clouds. Instead, blackened scorpions will pour down upon them, one sting of which throbs with pain for over one thousand years.


Then, they will again ask Allah – the Exalted -for one thousand years to provide them with rain, and then black clouds will appear above them. They will say: “These are rain clouds!” But instead, snakes like the  necks of camels will pour out of the clouds, one bite of which throbs with pain for over one thousand years, and this is the meaning of the saying of the Exalted: {“We will add torment upon torment for them because of the corruption that they used to perform.”} [an-Nahl; 88].”



From the chapter on ‘The Day of Judgement’ From the chapter on ‘Death’ |  From the chapter of ‘Sincerity’


From the chapter on ‘The Day of Judgement’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen

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It was said:

“Verily, a father will cling to his son on the Day of Resurrection and say to him: “O son! What kind of a father was I to you during your life?” The son will then speak verily highly andgreatly of his father. The man will then say to his son: “My son! Verily, I am in need of just an atom’sweight of your good deeds. It might be that I am saved from what you are witnessing!” His son willthen say to him: “I fear for myself the same thing that you fear for yourself! I do not have the luxuryof giving you anything!”


The man will then go and cling to his wife and say to her: “O such-and such,what kind of a husband was I to you during your life?” The wife will then speak very highly andgreatly of her husband. The man will then say to her: “I am asking you for just one good deed(hasanah) to donate to me. It might be that I am saved from what you are witnessing!” So, she willsay: “I cannot do this! I fear for myself the same thing that you fear for yourself!”


It was said further:

Brothers and sisters! Prepare for a day like this with righteous and good actions! Prepare by abandoning sins and acts of disobedience, for you will very soon witness the Day of Ressurection first-hand and you will regret every second that passed of your life!


And know that as soon as youdie, then your judgement day begins! So, it is upon you – O possessor of intelligence – to have patience upon the hardships of a life of obedience to Allah – the Exalted – in order that you maylighten the hardships of the Day of Resurrection, and Allah is the One who Guides.


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From the chapter on ‘Death’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen

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It was said:

“Death is like a thorny plant entered into the throat of the Son of Adam – each thorn pulling with it one of his veins – which is then pulled out suddenly by a man of great strength, cutting up what it cuts up, and sparing what it spares.”


It was also said:

“There are four things that none know the value of except for four types of people:

nobody knows the value of the youth except the elderly,


nobody knows the value of relief except those who are being tried,


nobody knows the value of health except the sick,


and nobody knows the value of life except the dead.”



A man would say to his son: “I am amazed at the one upon whom death descends while he has his sanity and his tongue, yet he is still unable to  describe death.” So, when this man had death descend upon him, his son asked him why he did not describe death for him even though he had his sanity andhis tongue. The man answered:

“O son! Verily, death is greater than could be described, but I will attempt to describe it for you somewhat.

By Allah, it is as if I have a mountain upon my shoulders,


and it is as if my soul is being extracted from the tip of a needle, 


and it is as if I have a thorny plant in my throat,


and it is as if the heavens have smashed into the earth and I am in between them”.



It was reportedly said to ‘Isa the son of Maryam, by some of the disbelievers of his time: “Verily, you bring the dead back to life, but you only do so to those living in our times. How do we know that these people really died in the first place? Revive for us someone who has died in the past.” So, ‘Isa said to them: “Choose whomever you wish.” So, they said: “Revive for us  Sam the son of Nuh.” So,’Isa went to his grave, prayed two rak’ahs, made supplication to Allah, and then Allah brought Sam the son of Nuh back to life. The people noticed that Sam’s hair and beard were white, and asked himhow long he had been dead. He replied:

“I have been dead for four thousand years, and I am still suffering from the stupors of death.”



Know that you were created to die, and there is no way around this, as Allah says: {“…you will die and they will die…”} [az-Zumar; 30],


and He says: {“Say: running away will not save you if you attempt to escape from death or killing.”} [al-Ahzab; 16]


[From: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen, pg-02]


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From the chapter of ‘Sincerity’: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen

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It was said:

“The likeness of the one who performs good deeds in order to show off and have a good reputation is like the one who goes out to the marketplace and fills his bags with stones, and as a result, the people say:”Look at how stuffed this man’s bags are!” So, he gains nothing except what the people say about him, and if he wishes to trade these stones for something, he will get nothing in return for them.

Similarly, the one who performs good deeds for show-off and reputation; there is no benefit for him in his actions other than what the people say about him, and no reward awaits him in the Hereafter, as Allah – the Exalted – says: {“And We shall turn to whatever deeds they did, and Weshall make them as scattered floating particles of dust.”} [al-Furqan;23]

It was once asked:
“Who is the sincere one? It was answered: “The sincere one is the one who hideshis good deeds the same way he hides his bad deeds.”
It was said:
“Preserving an act of obedience is more difficult than performing it, because it is like a glass lamp that is easily broken and cannot withstand rough treatment. Likewise, the good action, if itis exposed to show-off, it breaks. And if it is exposed to its performer being pleased with himself,then it breaks. If a person wants to perform an action and fears that he will show-off with it, then if he is able to throw out this riya’ from his heart, then he should exert all efforts in doing so. If he is unable to do so, then he should not abandon performing this act because of the possibility of showing off;rather, he should perform it, then seek Allah’s forgiveness for what he might have had of riya’. It might be that Allah will guide him to having sincerity in other actions of his.”
It was narrated that a man asked: “The people say that I am a righteous person, so how can I tell whether or not I am righteous?” So, it was said to him:
First, expose your secrets in front of the righteous. If they are pleased with you, then know that you are righteous. If they are not, then you are not righteous.
Second, offer the dunya to your heart. If it rejects it, then know that you are righteous.If it accepts it, then you are not.
Third: offer the possibility of death to your soul. If it longs for death,then know that you are righteous. If not, then you are not.
If these three characteristics are combined in you, then ask Allah to prevent any show-off from entering upon your actions so that they would not become ruined.
[From: Tanbih Al-Ghafileen, pg-01]


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